Your New Beginning

Application and Graduation Process

American Denturist School classes run on a calendar year format. The path to graduation starts with the Application, Admission and Enrollment process. Stay the course, make the grade, and you’ll be a licensed denturist in a couple of years.

Application and Enrollment Process

The ADC starts a new program every January and June. We employ a rolling enrollment, which means that students are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. Start the application process to reserve your spot in a rewarding future today!

    Application Process:

  1. Review the American Denturist School Admissions Criteria
  2. Fill out online application, Pay the $50.00 Application and $50 Admissions Test Fee, Email us your high school diploma, GED or higher education transcripts.
  3. Pass the online admissions test(We will email access code upon completion of Step #1)
  4. Your application is approved!

  5. Enrollment Process:

  6. We will email enrollment documents and inform you when the next available program will start.
  7. Email us signed copies of all documents and make your initial payment.
  8. You are enrolled!
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