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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding American Denturist School, and the Denturist Diploma Program. If you need additional information or clarification, please Contact Us.

Q. What are the Program Outcomes that a student should expect to achieve after completing the Denturist Diploma Program?

Student who complete the Denturist Diploma Program achieve competency as defined by the International Federation of Denturists.

For a full and direct summary of competencies taught by the program please refer to the following International Federation of Denturists link: IFD Baseline Competencies

Q: What is a denturist?

A denturist is a specialist in the design, fabrication, and fitting of oral prosthetics. We get to work directly with patients to give them the smile they have always wanted. We work as part of the dental team in restoring and maintaining a persons oral health. Many Denturists have working relationships with Dentists that either work alongside or for the Denturist, further simplifying a patients process of obtaining a bright, confident smile.

Q: How much does it cost?

The tuition and Lab Supplies for the entire two-year program is $34,475. This cost is broken down into a payment schedule that can be reviewed in our School Catalog.

Q: When does the program start?

The Denturist Diploma program starts every 3 Months- January, March, June, & September.

Q: How long will it take to finish the program?

The program consists of eight, 11 weeklong terms, totaling a full two years. There are one-week breaks between terms, with additional time off each December. The Externship can be started in Term 7 if you are supplying your own externship supervisor (otherwise, the externship will start at the end of the second year) and will take a minimum of 10 weeks to complete, allowing for the entire program to be completed in two years. For exact details, please see our current School Catalog

Q: What are the pre-requisites for the program?

The only requirements for entrance into the program are a high school diploma or equivalent and a passing score on our admission test. We suggest that anyone interested in the profession spend some time with a Denturist to see how amazing this profession is (contact us for more information on opportunities to do this).

Q. Is it too late to start this term?

If you can complete the steps detailed in the application and enrollment process prior to the beginning of classes, we can get you started. The exception would be if there aren't any available spots in that program. We strongly encourage you to complete the application and enrollment process as soon as you are able to guarantee a spot in the next available program.

Q. Do I have to travel to Eugene?

The only reason you would have to travel to Eugene is if you were not able to secure a suitable externship supervisor. Or if you wanted to catch the Ducks playing football on a beautiful fall day!

Q. Can I use prior credits from classes I have already taken?

The acceptance of transfer academic credits to another institution is determined by the receiving institution. Institutions individually establish criteria for transfer credit acceptance based on many factors, including but not limited to course content, degree or non-degree course, final grade, credits per course, type of accreditation, age of credits, etc. Courses in ADC diploma program may or may not transfer to other institutions and depends solely on the receiving institutions criteria and determination. The ADC does not imply or guarantee the transferability of credits from its diploma program. Due to the all-inclusive, unique nature of ADC Denturist diploma program, the ADC does not accept transfer credit.

Q. Where do I get my books?

Books are purchased by the students from the book list provided by the ADC.

Q. Will I have to travel to complete my Externship?

We have several clinics in Oregon and Washington where you can perform your Externship. However, if you find a supervisor that will help you with your Externship nearby, you save $8000 off of your tuition (and don't have the expense of travel, room and board).

Q. How do I get an approved externship supervisor?

The requirements for someone you may know to be an externship supervisor are listed out in detail in the School Catalog. The general requirements are that the supervisor be a licensed Denturist or Dentist (for at least three years), have an onsite laboratory, and agree to adhere to the grading criteria spelled out in the Externship documents. An Externship Supervisor Application is required to be submitted after the end of Term 5 of each program if a student is wanting to use their own supervisor.

Q. Admissions Test-what is it?

It is a cognitive ability measurement test that predicts how quickly and thoroughly a student can understand instructions, learn new material and handle the mental demands of an online education. The test is timed, comprised of 50 questions, and administered online. Though students may take the test repeatedly (an additional fee applies each time), the scores tend not to change dramatically as this is not a test that requires preparation or studying.

Q. Is the entire program online?

All of the coursework is delivered online, including the laboratory training. However, you will be required to work on various projects in a "hands-on" manner and submit them for grading, both by uploaded documentation and the submission of various projects via mail. Midterms and final exams are both delivered online. The Externship takes place in a clinical environment, where the student will have direct patient contact under the supervision of licensed Denturist or Dentist.

Q. Can I work while attending school- How much time/week?

Our Denturist Diploma Program is measured against the highest standards in the world- those put forth by the International Federation of Denturists. As such, the program is regarded as second to none in its ability to prepare students for successful practice. The courses are laid out in 11 week increments, with a recommended workload each week. However, this is a self paced program, so some students follow the recommendations and some work ahead- there is no required speed as long as you are able to finish each courses requirements and take the final exam in the 11th week. Most of the current students work full time while completing the courses. However, some students may feel that they need to focus exclusively on the coursework. It is up to the individual student to assess their situation.

Q. What are your Grading Policies?

All students are required to have a minimum passing grade of 70% for each course completed. Read the full Grading Policy.

Q. What are the Technology Requirements?

The Denturist Diploma Program offered by the American Denturist School is a distance education program the relies heavily on technology. Our students are required to furnish their own computer in order to access the Learning Management System. Learn more about Technology Requirements.

Q. What are the Program Outcomes that a student should expect to achieve after completing the Denturist Diploma Program?

Student who complete the Denturist Diploma Program achieve competency as defined by the International Federation of Denturists.