Tuition and Fees

An Investment in Your Future & Career

Receiving an education through the ADS is an investment in yourself and your future. Students should expect to pay $34,475 in tuition and lab supplies to complete the program in two years. A complete list of fees is below.

Payment Schedule*

Description Amount
Application Fee $50.00
Admission Test Fee (per time) $50.00
Background Check Student Responsible
ESL Test Fee - If applicable Student Responsible
Registration Fee $150.00
Tuition and Lab Supplies for the 2 year program
Payment 1 $4,310.00
Payment 2 $4,310.00
Payment 3 $4,310.00
Payment 4 $4,310.00
Payment 5 $4,310.00
Payment 6 $4,310.00
Payment 7 $4,310.00
Payment 8 $4,305.00
Non-Provided Supplies Student responsible for purchasing/acquiring
Estimated cost $3000.00
Books Student responsible for purchasing
Estimated cost $510-$2140

If you find alternative financing or have the financial ability to pay in full, we offer a 10% discount on the Tuition. This will result in a initial payment of $31,425 for tuition and lab fees for a savings of $3,050.

**If applicable, these fees do not include any expenses associated with travel, meals and lodging to complete the Externship.

***Due dates are available in the School Catalog.

****Book Pricing new and used results from

Refund Policy and Sample Refund Calculation